Humangee 101

A Manual for Understanding the

Human Device

standing straight

The Human Device: Smarter Than Your Smartphone

The problem? None of us received a manual along with our human device!

What kind of operating system does it have?

What applications are installed?

Which ones came pre-installed from the manufacturer?

And which ones did you install yourself?

How can you understand the processes better?

The answer? Humangee 101: A Manual for Understanding the Human Device

Simple & Intuitive

What if your life could be as simple and intuitive as your smartphone?

What if there was a guide to make that possible? One that begins with an unboxing, acquaints you with the basics, and deepens your understanding with every moment spent with your device?

Cogs are turning

Humangee 101 takes you from learning the technical overview of your humangee to managing it using these seven laws:

Bye Bye





Cause and Effect



When your humangee kicks back an error, you’ll know how to troubleshoot and fix the problem with a few simple insights from this in-depth but fun instruction manual.

You’ll also find a quick start guide and software license agreement to get you started on the right foot.

Frank Sharkey explores age-old questions about living the good life through the novel yet familiar lens of technologies we use every day.

Just as an examined life is well worth living, the skillfully run humangee is well worth operating.

It’s time for you to master your human device.

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